Editing/Publishing Concentration

A Focused Area of Study for Professional Writing Majors

Publishing is in desperate need of new ideas and new media skills. If you take your Professional Writing degree with a concentratioin in Editing/Publishing, you can work on real-world publishing projects and develop the versatile skills many established publishers lack.

The Publishing concentration is set up around the WRT 346: Publishing in the 21st Century course, a project-based class in which students work with clients on publishing projects that may include traditional books, ebooks, audio books, mobile applications, and websites. Your jobs within those projects may involve editing, design, illustration, marketing, social media, and event planning.

  • Make connections in the publishing industry with an internship.
  • Gain an understanding of the book production process, sequence, and schedule.
  • Learn how to conceive a publishing strategy that incorporates appropriate current technologies.
  • Plan and manage social media campaigns and execute team projects.
  • Learn professionalism by managing time, adhering to deadlines, and communicating with clients effectively and appropriately.
  • Apply the ethical and legal standards of the writing profession.

Courses in this Concentration Currently Include: