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Have you always dreamt of being an accountant or CPA? Can't wait to get started on your career? In Champlain's Accelerated Accounting program, you will experience the same high-quality and career-focused accounting curriculum as our four-year bachelor's degree, but you will graduate in three years' time.

Capitalize on the summer sessions after your first and second years to launch your accounting career ahead of schedule. By earning an Accounting degree in three years, you can sit for the CPA exam sooner, catch up to peers after a gap year, enter graduate school earlier, or simply start earning a competitive salary sooner. Champlain Accounting graduates almost always accept job offers—100% in relevant accounting positions—or enroll in graduate school within six months of graduation. 

Whatever your reasons for choosing a three-year Accounting program, Champlain College and their dedicated faculty will support you in finding the right path to meet your goals.

This curriculum is intentionally designed to provide you will the full value of the Champlain College degree with a wide variety of immersive experiential learning opportunities. You can complete up to four internship opportunities, select a minor, and even study abroad while maintaining the rigorous pace of this program. Questions? Learn more below.

Accounting 3-Year Curriculum

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Yes! Students in the accelerated program will still graduate with the traditional 120 credits after just three years—this is the same high-quality, experience-focused degree program as our four-year Accounting degree. In order to graduate in three years, students continue taking classes in the summers after their first and second years. 

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The accelerated curriculum plans for 15 credits per semester, the same course load as a traditional four-year bachelor's degree at Champlain. Two of the semesters will be in the summers after the first and second years.

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To be considered for admittance to the Accelerated Accounting program, students must submit the following materials:

  • Transcript with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • A letter of recommendation (from a teacher or guidance counselor) that addresses the accelerated pace of this program

SAT and ACT test scores are optional and may be submitted if you choose. 

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Yes—experiential learning is a priority at Champlain College. Students will complete an internship through the ACC 390: Accounting Internship course. The curriculum is intentionally designed to allow up to four internship opportunities.

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Yes—the program curriculum includes a course, ACC 390: Accounting Internship, that provides academic credit for an internship. For ACC 390, as well as any additional internship opportunities you'd like to pursue, your Career Coach and Faculty Advisor will help you find the ideal placements to advance your career. 

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The 3-year curriculum does allow for students to pursue a minor if they are interested in doing so. For instance, a minor in Actuarial Studies or Forensic Accounting will be a fantastic career-building complement to your Accounting major.

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Yes, Champlain accepts AP courses with an exam score of four or five, and college classes completed with a final grade of 75 or higher.

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The CPA exam is administered by the AICPA. Champlain College has a long history of students who successfully go on to obtain their CPA license. We have worked to align our degree requirements with the requirements for the State of Vermont. If you wish to become licensed outside of Vermont, Champlain College faculty will work with you to ensure that you complete the required course.

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Professionals are typically required to have 150 academic credit hours completed before they can obtain a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. If you're interested in CPA licensure, you and your Advisor will create a plan over the course of your studies to determine how you'll reach the education, experience, and exam requirements for eligibility.

Helpful resources can be found at

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Extend your education


Even with the accelerated pace of the three-year Accounting major, you'll be able to declare a minor if you choose. Actuarial Studies, Information Technology, or Forensic Accounting might be the perfect complement to your Accounting education. 

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You'll have plenty of opportunities to gain firsthand experience in Accounting. Champlain students have interned with numerous local firms and businesses as well as world-renowned accounting firms such as KPMG and PwC.

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