Career Success In Applied Mathematics

In every industry you'll find careers based on strong math skills. Unless your life's work is to research pure mathematics (even then, teamwork and writing skills help!), you will need to know how to apply your math skills to the job at hand.

Where can you go with a Champlain degree in Applied Mathematics?

Jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields are growing, and employers want to hire people with demonstrable skills. In building our curriculum, we consulted employers to ensure our students are prepared to excel in these jobs.

Though the occupational possibilities are extensive, our Applied Mathematics major is just as career-focused as our other offerings. We'll get you ready to use math professionally—you just need to decide where to go with it.

Where does a mathematician work?

Anywhere. Need some ideas?

  • Government jobs in math abound. The National Security Agency is the leading employer of mathematicians in the United States, and possibly in the world. Politics and elections also rely heavily on math and statistics.
  • Types of work for private companies run the gamut. Maybe you'd like to work in computer science, gaming, media, cryptocurrencies, or consumer goods development. Some of these industries are growing quickly, and a Champlain education will prepare you to be innovative in these rapidly changing environments.
  • Passionate about social justice or the environment? Just like the business world, nonprofit organizations often hire mathematicians to compose statistics, create predictive models, or use math to study large-scale issues like climate or health concerns. Many United Nations departments and projects require full-time mathematicians.
  • Insurance companies and large corporations need employees with excellent math skills to do actuarial work (using statistics to calculate risk).
  • Someone has to teach math to the next generation; education at all levels (including specialized training programs) is a constant need.

Champlain College Class of 2019 Joins the Workforce 

Champlain's Career Collaborative team surveys alumni six months after graduation to find out how job searches are going. The College-wide results below are based on an outstanding 91% response rate—significantly higher than most post-graduation college surveys.

  • 91% are either employed or continuing their education within six months after graduating.
  • 88% of the graduates who are employed indicated that their jobs are related to their career goals.
  • 89% also indicated that they had completed one or more internships or other experiential learning opportunities before graduation.

The Results Are Clear

Our graduates are thriving; their Champlain education prepared them with real-world experience that sets them apart in their field.