Sonic Arts Concentration

The important skills you develop through the Sonic Arts concentration will give you a tremendous advantage in the marketplace when you begin your job search—this highly specialized skill set is in demand for creating today's broadcast, video, and streaming media professionals. Courses toward the end of the concentration sequence will have a specific emphasis on the creative and artistic approaches to sound design.

In the Sonic Arts concentration, you will also:

  • learn the fundamentals of music and how to create it on the computer using digital tools;
  • gain a solid understanding of digital audio recording and editing techniques for persuasion, information, and entertainment;
  • obtain the experience you need to be proficient in technical aspects of sound and music production, such as signal flows, mixing, mastering, compression, asset management, and online delivery;
  • work at digital audio workstations to record and organize synthesized sounds and explore the vast array of electronic effects available.

Courses in this Concentration Currently Include:

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