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Why Minor in Business Administration?

Any major can benefit from the skills you will learn in the Business Administration minor, as it is open to students from any program except for those enrolled into the Robert P. Stiller School of Business*. You will learn how business disciplines function together, economic theory, the principles of marketing, and how to read financial statements. You will be equipped with knowledge that is valuable to any employer or for starting a business of your own.

If you graduate with a minor in Business Administration, regardless of your major, you’ll also have completed most of the undergraduate prerequisite courses you’d need to begin pursuing an MBA—a wise move if you want to fast-track yourself for upper-level management and executive positions in your chosen field.

*Champlain’s core business curriculum includes all the topic areas covered in the Business Administration minor.

Courses in the Business Administration Minor

  • Choose 3 courses from:  ACC, BLW, BUS (except 110), ECN, FIN, INT, INV, MGT, and MKT.
    No more than 2 courses from the same subject.

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