Business Law Minor


From registering as an LLC to acquiring another organization, businesses of any size must understand relevant legal processes and marketplace laws. 
Our Business Law minor dives deep into contracts, international business law, and business organizations, so you gain an in-depth understanding of how the law operates within today's global markets. 

Whether you're interested in your own business pursuits or working within an existing business or nonprofit organization, this minor allows you to be an expert resource on issues of liability, governmental regulation, internal policy, and public policy. 

Upon completion of this minor, you'll be able to: 

  • use oral and written presentation skills, along with a knowledge of ethics and the legal and regulatory environment, to provide guidance on legal, regulatory, and ethical issues in a business or nonprofit setting.
  • apply knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment, along with ethical considerations, to help organizations and enterprises avoid liability.
  • use analytical and problem solving ability, along with research skills, to anticipate and address legal issues that arise in business, entrepreneurial, or nonprofit enterprises.