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Champlain College Art Gallery & Lounge

Champlain is home to all types of creative students. Whether you're into traditional or digital arts, emergent media, filmmaking, game programming, business, or writing, our campus is equipped for artists of all kinds—and in all majors—with state-of-the-art resources and spaces to create. Along with the Center for Communication and Creative Media (CCM), there are many access points on campus for firsthand experience with professional technical equipment and technology. 

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Visual Art & Photography

Champlain College Art Gallery & Lounge

Looking for inspiration? Check out the Champlain College Art Gallery & Lounge. Featuring rotating exhibits from students and faculty as well as regional, national, and international guest artists, the Gallery highlights innovative and experimental contemporary art in all media.

  • Occupies space on the second floor of the CCM building and open to the public.
  • Features student shows, Capstone exhibits, and guest artists every month.

Digital Photo Lab

Located in CCM 426, the Digital Photo Lab is a Mac-equipped classroom with access to the entire Adobe Suite for all students' photo editing needs.

  • Equipped with a color printer, as well as cutting and trimming tools.

Drawing Studio

Located on the fourth floor of the CCM building, the drawing studio is a place where students can go to create art of all mediums in a quiet place with stunning views of Lake Champlain.

Metz Studio Barn

A studio dedicated to designers, the Metz Studio Barn is located behind Perry Hall. Equipped with two Mac computer labs and a lounge, it serves as a class, meeting, or academic support space. It is open to creative majors for projects and study time.

  • Provides students with a 24-hour accessible Mac computer lab. 
  • Requires Champlain ID and application for access. Email Megan Everts for more information. 


Photography Lab/Darkroom

A darkroom for all your traditional black-and-white photography needs! Whether you're developing, enlarging, or matting your photos, the photography lab in Joyce 106 is available for all Champlain students to use for class projects or for a hobby.

  • Open darkroom hours provide flexibility to work on projects on your schedule.
  • Lab is equipped with a processing room, a darkroom, and a digital room with a flatbed scanner and computer.

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Film & Sound

Film and Broadcast Media Production Stage

This black-walled room (black box) is where film and broadcast magic happens on campus. In this professional-grade soundstage, only steps away from the Campus Store on the first floor of the CCM building, students can bring their storyboards to life using an arsenal of technical equipment, such as a dedicated lighting grid, props, filters, and backdrops.

  • Space features live remote feed, multi-camera field production capabilities, and surround sound. 
  • Students gain firsthand experience with technical equipment in a real-world setting.
  • Stage is available for rent through Media Services

Sound Recording Studio

Record an album, a podcast, or score a film using the variety of microphones, instruments, and industry-standard soundboards available.

  • Professional-grade studio with four individual tracking rooms.
  • Located on the lowest level of the CCM building.
  • Available for rent through Media Services

Sound Recording Studio

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Collaboration & Innovation

Sarah Ramsey '12 Innovation Lab

The Sarah Ramsey '12 Innovation Lab (iLab) is located on the first floor of the S.D. Ireland Family Center for Global Business & Technology. Designed with live-client work, rapid prototyping, product design, and collaboration in mind, the iLab embodies Champlain's commitment to innovation.

  • Provides Legos, dry-erase markers and whiteboards, and central tables to help get your ideas flowing.
  • Doubles as a quiet study area for those business students who like to get away from the bustle of campus life.
  • Allows automatic card access to students in Marketing and Management & Innovation majors, but students from all majors can request access.

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Other Resources

Computer Labs & Printers on Campus

Can't find an affordable printer for your room or apartment? Print your work at any of the on-campus printers with a swipe of your Champlain College ID! Printers are located in most of the buildings and computer labs on campus, including:

  • A color printer outside of the Campus Store and Mailroom on the first floor of the CCM building.
  • A black & white printer on each floor of the Miller Information Commons (MIC) and inside a PC lab on the second floor.
  • Multiple color and black & white printers with varying paper sizes in the Metz Studio Barn.
  • A color printer in the Digital Photo Lab (CCM 426) that prints in various paper sizes.
  • A PC lab on the lowest level of the CCM building.
  • Multiple PC-equipped classrooms on the second floor of the CCM building.
  • A Mac lab and two Mac classrooms located on the lowest level of the S.D. Ireland Family Center for Global Business & Technology.
  • Two PC-equipped classrooms on the first floor of Foster Hall. 
  • A PC-equipped classroom, a PC lab and a PC/Mac lab, on the second floor of Foster Hall.

*Please note that some printers require you to supply your own paper if it is not standard 8½" x 11", and you may need card access for some of the computer labs and buildings. 

Media Equipment Rental House

Located in Durick Hall on South Willard Street, the Rental House supplies Champlain students, faculty, and staff with free media production equipment for class or other academic use. The CCM Production Stages are also available for rent through the Rental House. 

  • You can make a reservation via phone or in person, as well as online.

*Please note that not all media equipment is available to all majors, and you may have to be in a certain class to rent certain equipment. Call the Rental House or email with any questions. 

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Off-Campus Resources

Generator Makerspace

Generator is a makerspace in the South End of Burlington located across from the Miller Center at Lakeside Campus. Through a partnership with Generator, Champlain students, faculty, and staff have access to a variety of hand, power, and electronic tools (e.g. 3-D printer, 3-D scanner, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, large-format photo printer, high-end sewing machine) as well as fee-based training.

  • Students have access to all different types of equipment—jewelry-making tools, design software, wood/metal shops, and more.
  • Long hours of operation (including weekend hours) give students the time they need on their projects.

Vermont Community Access Media 

Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM) is another resource for Champlain students based in the South End of Burlington. VCAM provides free access to many film and photography tools, as well as editing and post-production software. Work spaces include a 500-square-foot, three-camera HD broadcast and production room with cameras, lighting grids, microphones, audio mixers, and backdrop elements.

  • Champlain students are given free access to cameras, lenses, TV/radio studios, the Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple software, and more.
  • A free orientation workshop allows anyone to borrow most VCAM equipment and access most of the studio spaces.

Regional Educational Television Network

The Regional Educational Television Network (RETN) is a television channel on Burlington Telecom and Comcast (Channel 16) with space on Flynn Street in Burlington. RETN provides a place for students to submit their videos, and also gives internship and volunteering opportunities. 

  • Students are free to check out equipment* but first must take the free Basic Camera Operation course.
  • A free, online video library features 20+ years of education-focused media on their website.
  • In 2016 Champlain Presents: 2016 Student Video Showcase, a documentary series made up of senior Broadcast Media Production students' videos, was broadcast and uploaded to the RETN site.

*In order to rent higher-level equipment, students may have to take specific courses. Some courses may have a fee.

Vermont PBS

Vermont PBS provides opportunities for students to air work through Vermont PBS's broadcast and web streaming platforms.

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Center for Publishing

Students across all majors join forces in the name of publishing at the Center for Publishing (CFP). Shaping the future of publishing is the mission, and equipping students with tools, skills, and industry knowledge is the method. CFP prepares students for the world of publishing by facilitating real projects in print and digital formats.

  • Produce digital magazines, print books, e-books, chapbooks, and literary magazines.
  • Learn skills in editing, graphic and web design, marketing/public relations, event planning, social media management, and public speaking.

Stonehenge, a CCPI publication

Emergent Media Center®
At the cutting-edge of creative problem-solving is Champlain's Emergent Media Center (EMC). The EMC offers students a chance to work on groundbreaking projects that stretch the possibilities of interactive media and provide hands-on experience with real-world companies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and entrepreneurs. 

  • Student researchers, graphic and game designers, video producers, programmers, and marketers work together in a collaborative environment. 
  • Projects include games, interactive media, and apps focused on social causes and positive change.

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