Community Management Minor


Jobs in social media are among the most important, popular, and necessary new careers that have developed over the last decade. Today's businesses, small and large, need smart, creative, tech-savvy individuals who can do more than post to Facebook or tweet at their customers—they need someone who can act as the voice for their brand while also building, growing, and maintaining their online communities. They need Community Managers.

Community Managers are passionate advocates for their brand, on top of trends and inventive in communication. They're curious creators who are hungry for information and thoroughly enjoy having authentic conversations with others online. They also know the value of good customer service and can utilize digital tools to actively listen to what people are saying in the online spaces they oversee.

In the 15-credit Community Management minor, you'll learn how to leverage your social media savvy to become the voice and personality behind organizations' online presences. You'll get hands-on experience in content creation—such as online writing, graphic design, video, photography, and audio—and adapting it specifically to each social network. You'll also study how to strategically create and launch campaigns through social media that connect customers and get them learning and helping each other.

By the time you complete the minor in Community Management, you'll be able to

  • Develop appropriate communication and digital marketing strategies, campaigns, and experiences for diverse audiences;
  • Manage multiple online communities for an organization;
  • Create, design, implement, and evaluate systems for maintaining online communities;
  • Produce relevant, entertaining, and professional content, programs, and experiences specific to different social networks and channels;
  • Effectively listen to and gather input from audience members and facilitate their connection with each other;
  • Make connections between the fields of marketing, public relations, and writing as they relate to managing online communities;
  • Identify goals and measurements of success for your communities' engagement;  
  • Evaluate levels of engagement across social channels. 

*Communication majors are not eligible for this minor, as this major already includes courses and learning covered in the Community Management minor.


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