Computer & Digital Forensics Curriculum

Our award-winning program allows you to begin taking your Computer & Digital Forensics classes in your first semester. Through classroom projects and plenty of opportunities for internships—such as in our own Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity—you'll learn the skills needed to succeed in your field. You will develop expertise in:

  • computer and digital forensics
  • cybersecurity, operating systems, file systems
  • malware analysis, network forensics, and threat hunting
  • android/iPhone/tablet mobile device forensics
  • digital forensic tools used by government/private companies

Through our innovative Core courses, you'll expand your horizons and develop your perspective. Interested in studying abroad? The curriculum is designed so you can spend a semester abroad in your third year without getting behind on the requirements for your major.

Computer & Digital Forensics Curriculum 2021–2022

Year 3

Year 3 Fall Semester Courses

Year 3 Spring Semester Courses

Year 4

Year 4 Spring Semester Courses

Extend your education


As a student in the Computer & Digital Forensics major, you'll be required to declare either a concentration or a minor. Our concentrations allow you to dive deeper into one of these topics:

  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Investigation
  • Cybersecurity: Threats & Mitigation
  • Digital Forensic Science (4+1 Master's Degree)


Champlain offers a wide variety of minors if you'd like to explore an interest outside your major or see how a subject intersects with digital forensics. A minor in Computer Science, Criminal Justice, or Cybersecurity would serve you well in your career.