Data Analytics Learning Outcomes

Through collaborations with other students, internships, classroom teaching, and hands-on experience, you'll immerse yourself in the fields of technology, business, and communications and build a comprehensive skill set in Data Analytics.

This deep set of core competencies in multiple areas—programming, statistics, data analytics, machine learning, data wrangling, data visualization, communication, business foundations, and ethics—will increase your marketability in the fast-paced Data Analytics industry. With a working knowledge of these in-demand technical skills, as well as the soft skills employers seek, you'll graduate prepared to apply your data analytics expertise to a wide range of industries.

By the time you complete the academic and internship requirements for your Data Analytics degree, you will be able to:

  • Obtain, clean/process, and transform data
  • Analyze and interpret data using an ethically responsible approach
  • Use appropriate models of analysis, assess the quality of input, derive insight from results, and investigate potential issues 
  • Apply computing theory, languages, and algorithms, as well as mathematical and statistical models, and the principles of optimization to appropriately formulate and use data analyses 
  • Formulate and use appropriate models of data analysis to solve hidden solutions to business-related challenges
  • Perform well in a group
  • Interpret data findings effectively to any audience, orally, visually, and in written formats