Literature Concentration

Many students in the Secondary Teacher Education program choose to specialize in Literature. (Much of the material is already covered for students in the English focus.)

This concentration is a great way to enhance your teaching background and explore diverse pathways to student engagement.

In addition to developing your experience as a teacher, the important skills you develop through the Literature concentration will make you more marketable in more varied school settings when you begin your job search.

  • Become well-versed in significant historical and aesthetic works of literature
  • Learn how to provide your students with cultural knowledge and context about the world in which a book takes place
  • Gain literary skills, such as critical reading, forming interpretations, and creating arguments
  • Learn how to support and guide those who wish to create works of literature
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary thinking-your own and your students'-through literature

Your faculty advisor in the Division of Education & Human Studies will help you map out the best academic path to reach your desired career and/or graduate studies goals.

Courses in this Concentration Currently Include:

Choose 2 of the following courses:

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