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Most people will express concern about the environment, but only a handful of people will devote their lives to making sure it's protected. One of few degree programs of its kind in the country, our Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies & Policy gives you the knowledge and skills to join the growing group of environmental professionals who are agents of change, tackling the multi-dimensional problems that affect the world we live in.

Why Major In Environmental Studies & Policy at Champlain College?

Unlike a typical program in environmental studies or environmental science, Champlain's Environmental Studies & Policy major is focused less on theoretical aspects and more on action-oriented practices. What can you do to envision bold solutions and change things for the better?

This major zeroes in on the frontline tools, human behavior, social justice, policies, politics, initiatives, and innovations surrounding environmental issues. 

  • Learn about systems thinking
  • Explore management of resources and waste
  • Discover new approaches to sustainability
  • Become skilled at interpreting statistics and science
  • Build communication skills 
  • Practice influencing decision-making—in both the public and private sectors—to help protect the biosphere

In this major, you won't just be learning about why change needs to happen, you'll be making it happen.

Experiential Service & Field-based Learning

Environmental Policy ClassAt Champlain, we don't want you to wait until after graduation to start making change. 

Champlain College partners with local organizations to work on real-world environmental issues. Extensive field visits to high-tech local operations, like the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, will give you insights into the bigger picture and on-the-ground realities. 

There's also plenty of fieldwork that focuses on the policy side: Students take trips to the Vermont State House to learn about lobbying and getting bills passed, sit in on committee meetings, and talk with legislators. 

Service learning is an important aspect of the program; recent projects have included constructing a greenhouse using recycled plastic bottles, exploring the possibility of Champlain becoming a conflict-free mineral campus, green investing, and raising awareness about water quality for the Lake Champlain Basin Program. Champlain's community garden and apiary provide further opportunities to get involved without going far.

You can get involved with innovative programs like Sustain Champlain throughout your four years at Champlain.

Study In an Eco-Friendly State

At Champlain College, you can take advantage of some unique learning opportunities offered in Vermont—one of the most environmentally progressive states in the country. Vermont is a leader in food systems reform and is developing practical solutions toward energy efficiency, renewable energy, agriculture, and land and water use. In fact, our city of Burlington, Vermont, was recently named the first U.S. city to run 100% on sustainable energy. By studying here, you can learn how this little state makes a big impact.

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