Integrated Business Experience

In the Stiller School's forward-thinking Integrated Business Experience (IBE), you will not only be immersed in the interrelationship of business disciplines through applied learning and projects, but you'll also discover more about yourself and your passions through our holistic approach to business education. 

Your first semester allows you to immediately experiment with how your own interests might align with different areas of "business." Subsequent semesters of learning from—and in—the business community focus on the marketing mindset, the social responsibility and sustainability of business, and the creation of innovative business solutions required in a global economy. This unique, cutting-edge curriculum was designed to expose students early and often to foundational and innovative business concepts in a hands-on manner.

The IBE Sequence:

Year One

An entrepreneurial mindset doesn't mean you're a typical entrepreneur. It means you can recognize opportunities, activate ideas, and build teams to execute them—within an organization or by starting something new. We help you combine your vision and ambition, and give you the skills and knowledge to build—and market—anything.

Year Two 

In your second year, your IBE studies will focus on the social and environmental impact of business. You'll learn about responsible business practices and ethics in a state that is internationally recognized for its sustainable business ethos.

Year Three

Your third year is designed to support a semester abroad, so the IBE course is focused on increasing your cultural awareness and the interconnectedness of international business relationships and economies.

Year Four

Your senior Capstone course is the culmination of your interdisciplinary IBE studies and your work within your major. Highly personalized and project-based, your Capstone acts as a transition from college to career—you'll already have professional caliber experiences before you graduate.