Motion Graphics Concentration

Develop Your Skills in Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a powerful vehicle for communicating ideas that move people. In today's digital landscape, they're just about everywhere—in commercials and films, on the internet and social media. As a visual form of storytelling, motion graphics bring still images to life using 2-D and 3-D animation, audio, video, photography, typography, illustration, and cinematic techniques in innovative ways.

As a field, motion graphics is also one of the fastest growing areas within graphic design. There are always new media and technologies to learn, making motion graphics an exciting and valuable skill set to add to your repertoire—and one that is highly desired by employers.

The 15-credit Motion Graphics concentration allows you to:

  • Take your art and graphic design skills to a whole new level, by tapping into your creativity, and learning to transform your ideas with digital technologies;
  • Learn the entire motion graphics process, including 2-D and 3-D animation, camera work, conceptualization, editing, ideation, image making, keyframing, production, storytelling, typography, and web design;
  • Produce finished motion pieces, such as broadcast and film titles, graphics for mobile devices, music videos, time-based exhibition displays, trailers, video signage, and other web applications;
  • Expand your professional portfolio, and become more marketable upon graduation.

Courses in this concentration include:

Choose one of the following courses outside of your area of study: