School of Social Innovation 

Use psychological science to improve mental and physical health.

While a background in psychology can take you into almost any industry, directly focusing on mental and physical health is a very popular career path—after all, it’s why many students choose psychology in the first place. The relationship between physical health and psychological wellbeing is also a fascinating field, which offers many innovative career opportunities.

Dive into fascinating topics like the psychology of relationships, the science behind health psychology, how to use music or writing to improve wellbeing, and how to utilize scientific approaches to assess and increase wellbeing of different populations. With our Health & Wellbeing concentration, you will develop your analytical skills and build a toolbox of traditional and contemporary resources that can be implemented in a variety of career settings. Through courses in this concentration, you can:

  • Learn more about the skills and the different approaches that a psychologist can use to increase wellbeing—exploring different approaches to counseling, music therapy, expressive writing, etc.
  • Learn how to build, evaluate, and apply different types of interventions, targeting health and wellbeing-related problems. For example, your classes will help you reflect on interventions targeting stress management, emotion regulation, the role of attachment styles to promote healthy relationships, different approaches to music therapy, and behavioral modifications, just to name a few.
  • You will also be able to pursue research opportunities as well as intervention-based professional internships linked to the field of emotional wellbeing, healthy aging, and health psychology.

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