International Business Curriculum

Our International Business curriculum prepares you exceptionally well for the multinational dynamics of the workplace you'll be entering.

We know that employers want to hire graduates who have specific business expertise, the ability to strategize across the whole organization, and strong skills in critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. How do we know? Our Stiller School of Business faculty spend a lot of time working with employers and internship sites to determine the exact skills, knowledge, and characteristics they are seeking in job candidates. Faculty members incorporate this employer input with their own academic and professional expertise to provide an integrated, cutting-edge education that helps you become a globally minded leader. 

The International Business curriculum strongly encourages at least one semester studying abroad in your third year. Your faculty advisor will work with you to explore the variety of travel options available to you.

International Business Major Curriculum 2023–2024

Year 3

Year 3 Spring Semester Courses

Year 4

Year 4 Fall Semester Courses

Year 4 Spring Semester Courses