School of Social Innovation 

Make a Difference in Society

Are you intrigued by how people think, feel, and behave? Recognizing and working with the interconnectedness of identity and social change is an integral part of creating lasting impact on your communities and on the world. Learn to make an impact and use your degree to create better communities and a better world in our Social Change/Social Impact concentration.

The Social Change/Social Impact concentration will give you insight into the intersections of culture and social justice, while equipping you with the tools to move into careers where you will create real and impactful change in the world. Through courses in this concentration you can:

  • Improve your mediation skills and identify new practices for addressing conflict management.
  • Identify bias in yourself and others that can unconsciously contribute to systemic oppression, and create avenues to transform that bias into a form of conscious empowerment.
  • Understand how psychology plays a role in activism, law, policy, and other potential career fields.
  • Learn how to build, evaluate, and apply different types of interventions, targeting specific societal problems and using the science of psychology to impact change. For example, your classes will help you learn how to develop interventions targeting social tension broadly and to create societal improvements related to issues around gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality. You get to put your passion for social justice to practice.
  • Pursue research opportunities as well as intervention-based professional internships linked to improving communities and creating a better world around you.

Courses in the Social Change/Social Impact Concentration

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