Social Work Admissions Letter of Commitment Criteria

One of the many benefits to Champlain College's Upside-Down Curriculum is the ability to take SWK 100: Introduction to Social Work in your first semester. What better place to explore your interest in the Social Work Profession?

To recognize this important time of discovery, formal admission into the Social Work Program occurs during the spring semester of your first year.

Admission to the Champlain College Social Work Program

Champlain College students will submit a Letter of Commitment to the Social Work Program Director by mid-term of their first spring semester at the College.

The Letter of Commitment includes:

  • Outlining how their personal values are compatible with both the values of the social work profession and the Champlain College Social Work Program, as well as their ability to understand and abide by the ethical obligations of a social worker. The letter should also address the student's increased knowledge of and continued interest in the social work profession through coursework completed in SWK 100 Introduction to Social Work.
  • Proof of 15 completed college credits
  • The final grade achieved for SWK 100: Introduction to Social Work

The Social Work Program Director and Field Education Coordinator at Champlain College will evaluate the academic performance and letter of commitment using a standardized measurement tool and send a final decision to the student.

Upon notification of formal acceptance into the Social Work program at Champlain College, students must sign the Student/Program Acceptance Contract and return it to the Social Work Program Director within one week of its receipt.

Reasons for any program denial will be included on the measurement tool which will accompany the Social Work Program Directors, or designee's, decision.

Transfer of Credits

All social work courses from other CSWE-accredited programs will follow the Champlain College transfer of credit policy located here.

Foundation social work courses completed at non-accredited programs will be individually evaluated by the Social Work Program Director at Champlain College for compatibility with the content and standards of Champlain's foundation courses to determine if they meet the standards of required Social Work program courses.

All other non-accredited program social work courses will be accepted as elective courses as per the Champlain College transfer credit policy.