Accounting Excellence Scholarship

Champlain's Accounting Excellence Scholarship Fund celebrates decades of teaching excellence by Champlain's distinguished Accounting faculty. The annually-awarded fund supports two Accounting students who demonstrate both academic merit and financial need.

Accounting is a rapidly growing field in today's economy, and each year Champlain's Accounting students are wooed by the region's businesses and firms. Students typically land a job by December of their senior year—some deciding between two or three offers.

The College keeps its Accounting curriculum up-to-date by modifying and adding courses most relevant to the times. For example, a popular course has been Forensic Accounting, where students learn fraud examination techniques, interview techniques, rules of evidence relating to internal control methodology, asset misappropriation and financial statement misrepresentation. Students explore rules of evidence as they relate to several different fraudulent activities including money laundering, cash skimming and embezzlement.

Visit Champlain's Office of Advancement for more information on the Accounting Excellence Scholarship Fund.