Broadcast Media Production Major Curriculum

The field of digital broadcast and streaming media is changing rapidly. By jumping into your major right away, you learn from trending technology so you can capitalize on this early learning throughout your four years, allowing you to obtain internships and connect with professionals sooner.

Our Upside-Down Curriculum  allows you to begin taking your Broadcast Media Production classes beginning in your first semester. By the time you finish your first year, you will have taken upward of five courses related to your major.

Interested in studying abroad for a semester? The Broadcast Media Production curriculum allows you to participate in a semester abroad.

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Broadcast Media Production Curriculum 2018–2019

First Year

First Semester

Media and Society
(COM 120)

Audio Production
(BRD 130) OR
Video Storytelling
(BRD 110)

Math Elective

Concepts of the Self
(COR 110)

The Rhetoric of Self
(COR 115)

Second Semester

Visual & Digital Fundamentals
(GDD 111)

(MKT 110)

Audio Production
(BRD 130)
Video Storytelling
(BRD 110)

Concepts of Community
(COR 120)

The Rhetoric of Community
(COR 125)

Second Year

First Semester

Broadcast Writing
(BRD 216) OR

News Writing and Production

(BRD 218)

Web Design 
(GDD 206) OR

Business of Music

(MCM 165) OR

Form in Motion

(GDD 203) OR

Fundamentals of Digital Music

(SON 120)

Production of Social Media
(BRD 230)

Choose a 200-level COR course

Choose a 200-level COR course

Second Semester

Video Field Production
(BRD 245)

Consumer Behavior 
(MKT 210) OR

Integrated Advertising

(MKT 230)

CCM Elective

Choose a 200-level COR course

Choose a 200-level COR course

Talk to your advisor and/or the Office of International Education about possible curriculum adjustments in order to create a semester abroad in your 3rd year.

Third Year

*In the third year, students MUST take COR 310, 320 and two COR 330 courses. COR 310 and 320 MUST be taken together and the two COR 330 courses MUST be taken together. Either pair may be taken in either semester.

First Semester

Social Interaction in the Digital Age
(COM 360) OR
Communication and Ethics
(COM 220) OR

Creativity and Conceptual Development

(COM 305)

Multi-Cam Production
(BRD 345)

Advanced Audio & Sound Design
(BRD 330)

The Global Condition*
(COR 310)

Human Rights & Responsibilities*
(COR 320)

Choose two Local Contexts, Global Connections courses*

(COR 330)

Professional Communication Practices

(COM 355)

Second Semester

CCM Elective

Natural Science with Lab

Choose two Local Contexts, Global Connections courses*
(COR 330)

General Elective

Fourth Year

First Semester

Broadcast Field Practicum
(BRD 475)

Client Based Production
(BRD 445) 

Legal Issues in Communication
(COM 365)

Digital Marketing 

(MKT 350)

General Elective

Second Semester

Broadcast Media Production Capstone
(CCC 410 BRD)

Broadcast Management and Programming 
(BRD 410)

General Elective

CCM Elective