Motion Graphics Specialization (Coming Fall 2019)

A Focused Area of Study for Broadcast Media Production Majors

Motion graphics are a powerful form of visual storytelling that quickly grabs attention and moves people. You’ve seen these graphics just about everywhere—in commercials, films, social media, television and streaming media (think Game of Thrones), and websites like YouTube.

Motion graphics bring visual concepts to life in innovative ways through typography, audio, video, photography, illustration, animation and cinematic techniques. Motion graphics are different from typical animation because they are not story-based and often represent shapes and forms, such as logos for brands.

Often referred to within the industry as “broadcast design”—when used for creating graphics for a TV show or network spot—motion graphics is one of the fastest growing areas within the broadcasting field. For Broadcast majors who aspire to be editors, expanding your repertoire with this valuable and exciting skill set will give you essential cutting-edge tools to succeed in the industry.

The 15-credit Motion Graphics specialization allows you to:

  • create, design, implement motion graphics for time-based projects, such as film and broadcast titles, web ads, trailers, music videos, graphics for mobile devices and time-based exhibition displays; 
  • learn how to strategize, plan, execute and evaluate motion design projects from conception to completion; 
  • study each level of the process of creating motion pieces: ideation, storyboarding, key framing, editing, animation, image making, typography, production and camerawork; 
  • produce effective motion pieces that engage audiences and convey information quickly;
  • practice giving and receiving constructive feedback and collaborating with others on projects; and
  • expand your professional portfolio and position you as a versatile media professional upon graduation.

Courses in this Specialization Currently Include:

Choose one of the following electives: