Career Success

Why Business Administration?

According to the latest report by the National Center of Education Statistics, more students are seeking degrees in the fields of business than any other subject.  Job prospects are promising  for business students and the earning potential for a Business Administration graduate is higher than for any other major. A graduate with a degree in Business Administration can look forward to an excellent starting annual salary and lifetime of solid returns on the investment.

Why Business Administration at Champlain?

Champlain's tradition of providing an excellent business education dates back to 1878, and since that we've created a legacy of successful job placements and career launching points. The combination of four years of intensive business education and extensive hands-on experience will place you in competitive demand upon graduation.

All students enrolled into the Stiller School of Business are immersed in our Integrated Business Experience-a working business simulation that develops an understanding of the inter-relationships of all business disciplines. Along with learning theory, our core business curriculum, known as the Common Body of Practice, teaches you foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills in all areas of business. 

Before graduation, you'll be able to put what you learn inside the classroom to the test by working with clients from the greater Burlington community on real-live client cases and simulations, gaining experience. You'll be ready to complete your first internship starting in the summer after your first year at Champlain. Our students are prized interns, many securing paid internships at small companies, local corporations, nonprofits and government agencies. And, job placements for Champlain Accounting graduates have been astounding year after year; 97% of the Class of 2016 graduates from the Business Administration major are employed within six months of graduating, and of them, 91% reported that they are already working in positions that are relevant to their career goals. 

Champlain  Business Administration Graduates Are Ready.

In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, each of Champlain's career-focused majors features skill-building hands-on learning opportunities and other major-specific programs that help our students create highly marketable resumes. Highlights include:

  • All members of the Business Administration faculty are professionals in their field, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education in the field possible.
  • Work with real-life clients: businesses, non-profits and individuals. You'll complete projects for people in your field who then use your work on a professional level. It's real experience that students include on their resumes.
  • There are many opportunities to obtain internships with local companies over the course of your program, which gives you stellar resume listings and recommendations.