Journalism Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Communication Majors

Journalism is at a crossroads. With an ever-increasing number of digital news venues, this constantly changing and growing profession offers more opportunity than ever before. Champlain's Journalism specialization prepares you with the hands-on skills, expertise and knowledge to enter a field with enormous potential.

Matched with a Communication degree, the Journalism specialization gives students a highly specialized skill set that will provide a distinctive advantage in the job market.

  • Learn the fundamental skills of journalism, including interview techniques, research and meeting deadlines
  • Write extensively in the three primary narrative journalistic forms: news, features and news features
  • Incorporate audio, digital photography and videography in journalistic webcasts and podcasts
  • Examine the contemporary media environment, including corporate ownership, censorship, and the issues involving privacy, freedom of expression and public interest
  • Learn professional codes of conduct, artistic and social responsibility, and the ethics of reporting
  • Join the staff of Champlain's student-run online news source, The Crossover, giving you first-hand experience in the behind-the-scenes production process


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Choose one of the following: