Cybersecurity: Threats & Mitigation Specialization

Managing risks related to the use and transmission of information or data is the fundamental concept behind cybersecurity. The information stored on networks is a valuable asset to governments and corporations.  Companies need to react quickly to a security breach or leak, and must work to prevent them in the future. That's where digital forensics comes in.

When a hacker compromises a network, digital forensics investigators and examiners are there to figure out how the threat happened, when and where it took place, and the damage it created. In this 12-credit specialization, you'll learn how to:

  • Gain the foundational knowledge to secure a network and enhance your skills as an examiner.
  • Analyze the rationale and necessity for securing computer systems and data networks as well as methodologies for implementing security, security policies, best current practices, and security testing.
  • Identify risks and threats that may cause significant impact to an information system.

Courses in this Specialization May Include: