Digital Forensic Science (4+1)

Begin Taking Your Master's in Digital Forensic Science As An Undergrad

Begin taking master's level courses in Computer Digital Forensics while you are still an undergraduate with Champlain College's "4 + 1" combined bachelor's/master's degree program.

During your junior year, you can apply for Champlain's Master of Science program in Digital Forensic Science.  Take courses alongside industry professionals who have been in the field for over ten years. Examine the mission of digital forensics from the perspectives of public and private sectors, including internal corporate investigations, policy auditing, and anti-terrorism information gathering. Enhance your technical skills for data recovery and digital investigations. 

Through this unique program, you will be able to take as many as four master's level courses while completing your undergraduate degree—and the course credits count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

 Program topics include:

  • Different principles behind the science of digital forensics, with the goal of implementing scalable and sustainable solutions to investigate digital crimes.
  • Digital investigation principles that are specific to civil and criminal litigation. You'll examine case studies of public sector digital investigations to compare with private sector methodologies.
  • The strategic and tactical functions of business that merge traditional topics with Champlain's Reflective Integrated Practice model. Upon completion of this specialization, students will be able to create and recommend solutions to businesses dealing with enterprise-level malware attacks.

Master's Level Courses May Include: