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Notes for 2015-2016 Academic Year

Senior Capstone Courses

Seniors need to take CCC 410 and 411 in the Fall, and CCC 412 in the spring. CCC 410 and 411 are one-credit hour courses.

There are subject-specific sections of CCC 410 and CCC 412. Seniors must register for either the CIT/CSI section, Digital Forensics, or Networking and Cybersecurity There are three sections of CCC 411 in the Fall and students can register for any of those sections.

When courses will be offered

The following is a projection of when courses will be offered over the next two years

Course NumberTitlePre-reqsFall
CIT 130 Introduction to Networking and Security none x x x x
CIT 135 Introduction to Computer Theory none x x x x
CIT 140 Systems Software CIT 130 OR CIT 140 x x x x
CIT 200 Databases WEB 125 x x
CIT 265 Information Systems 30 credits x x
CIT 310 Database Systems CIT 200 x x
Cloud Computing X
FOR 100 Cyber Crime - Civil and Criminal Investigation none x x
FOR 240 Introduction to Digital Forensics FOR 100 or NET 120 or CIT 135 x x x x
FOR 260 Forensic Tools FOR 240 x x x
FOR 270 Anti-Forensics and Network Forensics FOR 240 x x
FOR 310 Mobile Forensics FOR 240 x x
FOR 320 File System Forensics FOR 240 x x
FOR 340 Operating System Forensics FOR 260 x x
FOR 420 e-Discovery and Data Analysis FOR 340
FOR 430 Advanced Techniques in Digital Investigation FOR 340 x x
FOR 350 White-Collar Crime FOR 240 (FOR 100 through advising)
NET 215 NET 215 CIT 130 x x x
NET 225 Web Systems and Security CIT 130 AND 135 x x
NET 230 Telecom CIT 130 x
NET 255 Sysadmin CIT 130, 140 x x x x
NET 265 Adv Sysadmin NET 255 x x x x
NET 320 Network Systems Programming x x
NET 330 Network Design NET 255 x x
NET 335 Routers NET 215 x x
NET 350 Adv Windows NET 265 x x
NET 360 Advanced Linux NET 265 x x
SEC 250 Computer and Network Security x x x x
SEC 335 Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing x x x x
SEC 345 Information Assurance x x
SEC 350 Enterprise and Perimeter Security x x x x
SEC 440 Systems Security x x
ITS 420 IT Management x x
WEB 125 Intro to Web Dev x x x x
WEB 200 now CIT 200 x x
WEB 225 Web Application Dev x x
WEB 340 XML x
WEB 350 e-commerce x x
WEB 370 usability x x
WEB 420 Server Side alternatives x
WEB 425 Web Services x
CRJ 225 Law of Digital Evidence CRJ 120 and 60 credits—waived for FOR, CNCS x x x x
CSI 140 Intro to Programming x x x x
CSI 240 Advanced Programming CSI 140 AND MTH 230 x x x x
WRT 231 Technical Writing x x x x
MTH 180 Statistics x x x x
MTH 230 Calculus x x x x
CSI 281 Data Structures x x x x
MTH 270 Discrete Math MTH 230
CRJ 230 Criminal Investigation CRJ 120 OR 121 x x
CRJ 310 Investigative Interviewing CRJ 230 x x
FOR 350 White Collar Crime FOR 240 (FOR 100 through advising) x x
CRJ 480 Crime Scene Investigation CRJ 310 and 90 credits x x
ACC 130 Financial Accounting x x x x
ACC 280 Forensics Accounting ACC 130 will likely only be offered once—watch for it
MGT 425 Prob Analysis & Decision Making 75 credits x x x x
MGT 460 Business Policy/Strategic Management MGT 425 x x
CSI 230 Linux Programming CSI 140 x x
CSI 225 Network Programming CSI 240 new course