Systems & IT Infrastructure Operations Specialization

The 15-credit Systems and IT Infrastructure Operations specialization will prepare you to be a valuable member of a modern and agile IT Operations team. The courses within this specialization focus on server, workstation, virtualization, and cloud computing environments that are prevalent in today's businesses. You will learn key competencies for building, operating, and extending an enterprise-level network information system and its components, including designing, troubleshooting, implementing, analyzing, maintaining, and security.

Through hands-on lab opportunities, you'll gain proficiency in:

  • Systems administration of multiple networked operating systems
  • Network service deployment, configuration, security, and troubleshooting
  • Administration of distributed environments
  • Automation of systems administration and operations functions
  • Advanced virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure

Upon completion of this specialization, you will be able to: 

  • install, maintain, and administer complex and heterogeneous (Windows, Linux, etc.) computing environments;
  • integrate and deploy core network services required in a modern enterprise;
  • leverage programming and automation to exercise control and management over a large IT infrastructure;
  • leverage desktop and enterprise virtualization solutions to solve complex system and infrastructure tasks; and
  • use scripts and programming to automate systems administration and IT infrastructure operational tasks.

Courses In This Specialization Currently Include