Creative Media Learning Outcomes

Through collaborations with other students,  classroom teaching and hands-on experience, you'll hone your art and gain a solid understanding of the business of interdisciplinary artistic endeavor.

This deep set of proficiencies in multiple areas will increase your marketability in a variety of dynamic creative industries. You will graduate from this program as a confident, articulate person, able to express your process, your artistic voice, and your personal brand.

Graduates from the program will be able to:

identify, compare, and contrast theoretical, critical, and historical approaches to art and aesthetics and apply these to their own work and the work of others;

demonstrate proficiency in the technical processes, tools, workflow, and design considerations in multiple media;

identify experimental approaches from fine art and popular media and apply them to their own creative productions in order to create more effective, meaningful, or original work; experiment with materials, design principles, and work processes;

draw on an understanding of the properties of a variety of distinct media in order to create works that productively combine, hybridize, or "mash up" media forms;

create artworks that are expressive of their personal values, feelings, and intellectual interests and articulate (in writing and verbally) these intentions; produce creative works that demonstrate their own aesthetic sensibility ("voice");

articulate (in writing and verbally) the ways that meaning is generated through combinations of aesthetic and material choices, content, and the context and/or manner in which works of art are presented; use these insights to make considered choices in the creation and presentation of their own work;

identify and evaluate ways in which artists engage with social discourse at local, national, or global scales; use research techniques and relevant theoretical frameworks to inquire into topics of importance to society and apply this insight to the creation of artworks that respond to contemporary social issues;

employ strategies for setting goals, managing time, delivering milestones according to schedule, taking and giving feedback, collaboration, and the iterative development of creative works;

demonstrate skills in interpersonal communication and self-presentation; identify and evaluate exhibition, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities; identify and articulate their own transferable skills; and critically evaluate how professional identities are culturally constructed.