Creative Writing Specialization

If it's a challenge for you to go through a day without writing—poetry, journal entries, blogs, impassioned emails, or Facebook posts to friends—the Creative Writing specialization could be a rewarding way to develop the practice.

This specialization is designed for students inspired to pursue their own artistic vision. You'll study the craft and discipline of writing, how writers have created their unique voices, world literature, and personal and group performance at Champlain and beyond.

  • Pursue your artistic vision through your unique voice.
  • Study the craft and discipline of writing from writings of new and old.
  • Build your portfolio so that you can show the world what you can do.

Courses in this specialization include:

  • 8 courses through at least the 300 level are required for Primary Creative Media Area
  • 4 courses through the 200 level are required for the Complementary Creative Media Area
  • WRT 120 - Introduction to Creative Writing (required for ALL)

Choose at least one of the following 200-level courses for either a Primary or Complementary area in Creative Writing:

Intermediate Creative Writing
(WRT 220)

Intermediate Fiction
(WRT 226)

Intermediate Creative Nonfiction
(WRT 237)

Intermediate Poetry
(WRT 221)

Electives for Primary area will include:

Seminar in Playwriting
(WRT 327)

Advanced Fiction
(WRT 325)

Advanced Poetry
(WRT 324)

Advanced Creative Nonfiction
(WRT 337)

Senior Seminar in Writing
(WRT 470)

Additional courses required for Creative Writing as a Primary area:

A 200-level or 300-level Literature course

Electives for both Primary and Complementary areas include:

Introduction to Songwriting
(WRT 180)

Fundamentals of Journalism
(WRT 200)

Writing Children's Literature
(WRT 235)

Writing About Food
(WRT 236)

Reading & Writing in the Wilderness
(WRT 280)

Publishing in the 21st Century
(WRT 346)

Screenwriting I
(FLM 128)

Screenwriting II
(FLM 328)