Visual Art and Design Specialization

For students who live to paint, sculpt, take photographs, make prints, or engage in other forms of visual art, this specialization enables a closer connection with their craft. You'll have the time to focus on creating work and the encouragement to explore new directions from faculty members who are artists themselves.

  • Pursue your artistic vision; learn about interdisciplinary intersections with fields as varied as public discourse, politics, and accounting.
  • Develop skills used in digital arts by working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and related software.
  • Increase your marketability through internships; you can collaborate with artists and learn through exhibiting their art.
  • You'll finish with a well-rounded portfolio that can get you into a fulfilling career or could be a passport to an MFA program.

Courses in This Specialization Include:

  • 8 courses through the 300 level are required for Primary Creative Media area
  • 4 courses through the 200 level are required for Complementary Creative Media area
  • ART 120: Art History is required for Primary area

Choose at least one of the following 100-level courses for either Primary or Complementary area:

Intro to Drawing
(ART 110)

Intro to Photography
(ART 115)

Art History
(ART 120)

Intro to Sculpture
(ART 145)

Anatomy and Perspective Drawing
(ART 135)

Dance as Expression
(ART 181)

Form and Color
(GDD 100)

Visual and Digital Fundamentals
(GDD 111)

The Digital Image
(GDD 115)

Choose at least one of the following 200 level courses for either Primary or Complementary area:

Intermediate Photography
(ART 215)

Intro to Painting
(ART 235)

Women and the Arts
(ART 250)

Sequential Art
(ART 282)

Intro to Typography
(GDD 201)

Form in Motion
(GDD 203)

Publication Design I
(GDD 205)

Web Design I
(GDD 206)

Intermediate Typography
(GDD 270)

Electives at the 300 level for either Primary or Complementary area:

(ART 312)

Painting other Worlds
(ART 339)

Public Art, Private Practices
(ART 351)

Advanced Art Special Topics
(ART 380)

(GDD 303)

Publication Design II
(GDD 305)

Web Design II
(GDD 306)

Digital 2D Motion Graphics
(GDD 311)