Cyber Investigation Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal justice professionals must be constantly aware of a legal landscape that can change at any moment and must be sufficiently trained to apply the correct rules when collecting digital evidence to ensure its admissibility in a court trial.

Cyber Investigation Specialists are extremely valuable to employers who face challenges in keeping up with increasingly technological crimes. The best career opportunities will go to the most highly-trained professionals in the collection and management of digital forensics used in prosecuting cyber criminals. This specialization will help you to:

  • gain awareness of codes of conduct both explicit and implicit in the rules for searching and seizing digital evidence;
  • find and collect evidence on many digital devices, including but not limited to computers, mobile devices, removable media, and game consoles, among others;
  • learn to conduct digital forensic examinations of many types of file systems, operating systems and hardware devices;
  • draft search warrants and subpoenas for digital evidence that meet the standards for "probable cause" and "particularity" that have been set by the courts; and
  • authenticate digital evidence, recognize hearsay evidence and understand what additional steps must be taken in order for evidence to be admissible in a court of law.

Courses in this specialization: