Data Science Major Curriculum

The change to "Data Science" will be effective as of Fall 2020.

Our Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to get a head start on critical skills by starting your Data Science classes in your first semester. By the time you finish your first year, you will have taken six of the courses required in your major.

Another important aspect of the Data Science major—a major that gives students in the program a tremendous advantage when seeking employment—is the benefit of taking courses with faculty from the Division of Information Technology & Sciences, the Robert P. Stiller School of Business, and the Division of Communication & Creative Media. Because of our small class sizes, your Data Science professors are able to focus on you and help you meet your goals. 

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Data Analytics Curriculum 2018–2019

First Year

First Semester

Python Programming
(CSI 160)

Intro to Statistics
(MTH 180)

Business and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
(BUS 110)

Concepts of the Self
(COR 110) 

The Rhetoric of Self
(COR 115)

Second Semester

Advanced Python
(CSI 260)

Applied Statistics
(MTH 280)

Intro to Data Analytics
(DAT 210)

Concepts of Community
(COR 120)

Rhetoric and Community
(COR 125)

Second Year

First Semester

Data Structures with Python
(CSI 270)

Managerial Economics
(ECN 255)

Digital Marketing Analytics
(MKT 355)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Second Semester

Communication Foundation
(DAT 220)

Advanced Data Analytics
(DAT 310)

Program Elective I

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Talk to your advisor and/or the Office of International Education about possible curriculum adjustments in order to create a semester abroad in your 3rd year.

Third Year

*In the third year, students MUST take COR 310, 320 and two COR 330 courses. COR 310 and 320 MUST be taken together and the two COR 330 courses MUST be taken together. Either pair may be taken in either semester.

First Semester

Data Mining
(DAT 330)

Program Elective II

Lab Science
(SCI 115 or SCI 170)

The Global Condition* (COR 310)

Human Rights & Responsibilities* (COR 320)

Second Semester

Technical Writing
(WRT 231)

Global IT & Ethics
(CSI 320)

Choose two Local Contexts, Global Connections courses* (COR 330)

General Elective 1

Fourth Year

First Semester

ITS College Capstone
(CCC 410 & 411)

Forecasting and Predictive Analysis
(DAT 420)

Intro to GIS & Spatial Analysis
(ENP 280)

Machine Learning
(DAT 410)

General Elective 2

Second Semester

Data Analytics Capstone Senior Project
(CCC 412)

(SCI 320)

Data Visualization
(DAT 430)

General Elective 3

General Elective 4