Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education

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Is teaching the youngest members of society your personal calling? The Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education program creates a distinctive advantage for its graduates. Because you'll be qualified for dual-licensure endorsement in both early childhood and elementary education, your course of study will provide you opportunities for a fuller understanding of children's developmental and learning stages, from birth through early adolescence. You will also be challenged to think critically, enhance your global awareness and be responsive to different ways of thinking and learning. 

Fieldwork & Student Teaching

Learn through experience by connecting classroom theories to practice. You'll engage in field placements and student teaching earlier in your college career than is typical. You'll progress from one day a week to full-time involvement in local schools by completing supervised field experiences in early childhood and elementary schools that link with each semester's coursework, and then spend the final semester of your senior year student-teaching under the support and direction of a classroom teacher and a Champlain instructor. Vermont offers a diverse number of educational settings, including rural, small-town and urban, that you can explore and find out which classroom setting is best for you. See where our students have interned and student-taught.


As part of the Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education program, you have the option to specialize in Educational Technology or Literature, and/or choose a minor in a number of relevant areas of study, such as Social Justice, Global Studies or Mathematics.

Build a Community

Our small class sizes allow you to create strong personal relationships with your professors and other education majors.

Global Engagement

You can also deepen your understanding of diverse cultures by working with English Language Learners (ELLs) and taking advantage of service-learning opportunities locally and internationally.

Study Abroad

Experience Ireland's educational system with an international student placement through our academic center in Dublin, or complete a field-based internship at our academic center in Montreal, Canada. Or through our Global Partner Program with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), you can take education classes that will transfer to Champlain as credit toward your degree, and participate in a teaching practicum while in New Zealand. Explore all of our study abroad options.

Dual Licensure Endorsement

Get recommended for Vermont licensure endorsement in both early childhood and elementary education, which opens a range of career options for you. Educators with a VT license are eligible to apply for certifications out of state under the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).