Fieldwork & Student Teaching

Excellent Classroom Exposure for Early Childhood/Elementary Education Majors

The Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education major is driven by hands-on experience. It will provide you with great depth in the specific knowledge and skills that will give you the most flexibility to succeed in this vital profession.

The Early Childhood/Elementary Education Curriculum places you into a real classroom in your first year. You'll progress from one day a week to full-time involvement in local schools throughout your four years. A majority of your field-placements are supervised, and there are opportunities for feedback and reflection. By the time you graduate, you will have the full classroom experience, from observing to managing the intricacies of a classroom.

Student Placements in Local Schools

How We Prepare You to Land Internships

Great internships don't just happen. You need to develop valuable skills, create a good résumé, receive expert guidance, and you need an "in." At Champlain, we make sure you are well-prepared in all four of these areas.

  • The Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to get extensive classroom learning and hands-on experience with industry professionals in your major in your first year, which gives you the real world skills and qualifications to begin taking internships as early as the summer before your sophomore year.

  • Champlain's Career Collaborative will help you develop your professional résumé and hone your interview skills. By graduation, you'll have created a career marketing plan highlighting the unique talents and benefits that set you apart from other job candidates.

  • Your professors will become your reliable mentors, pointing out the strategic academic and co-curricular activities they will help you build your professional skill-set and enhance your résumé.

  • Local and national employers turn to Champlain for college interns because they are universally better prepared to work in professional environments than the majority of their peers from other institutions. Many Champlain graduates receive full and part-time job offers from the organizations where they first took their internships.

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