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Is teaching the youngest members of society your personal calling? Do you want to make a lasting impact through creating positive classroom environments? 

If you have a passion and strength for working with others, have a lifelong love of learning, and want to have an impact on the next generation, then choosing a career in Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education may be the right path for you.

Why Major in Education with a focus in Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education at Champlain?

In Champlain College's Education major, you will have the opportunity to explore your passion and to learn about curriculum, teaching strategies, engagement, community, and professional practices—and you'll be able to do it all starting in your first semester through our Upside-Down Curriculum. 

Not only will you be in your major classes from day one, but by the end of your first semester, you will be teaching in a real classroom. In fact, at Champlain, you will be immersed in classroom environments—on the teaching side—for all four years of your education, giving you a highly marketable résumé of practical experience and a breadth of knowledge that will help you stand out when applying for jobs.

Our small class sizes allow you to create strong personal relationships with your professors and other education majors, and numerous opportunities in the Burlington community allow you to engage with many innovative local schools.

Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education

Dual-Licensure Endorsement

Champlain's Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education focus creates a distinctive advantage for its graduates. Because you'll be qualified for dual-licensure endorsement in both early childhood and elementary education, your course of study will provide you with opportunities for a fuller understanding of children's developmental and learning stages, from birth through early adolescence. You will also be challenged to think critically, enhance your global awareness, and be responsive to different ways of thinking and learning.

Tailor Your Experience

Students in this focus can choose to specialize in Educational Technology or Literatureor you can opt for one of Champlain's minors. You can also deepen your understanding of diverse cultures by working with English Language Learners (ELLs) in Burlington, and taking advantage of service-learning opportunities locally and internationally.

A career in early childhood and elementary education is boundless: students can enter public and private school systems, work in social service agencies, or continue to specialize their knowledge through graduate school or other certification programs.

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