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Want to change the world? There's no better place to begin than the classroom. We're ready for a new approach to education, and you can start by serving as a role model and leader for high school students.

High school is a pivotal time in which students are cementing their interests and their identities. Teens of today are becoming world leaders for social change, engaging in diverse classroom topics and discussions, and inspiring communities with positive activism. Teachers with a passion for knowledge, creativity, and equal access to education are needed in classrooms across America. 

If you're enthusiastic about sharing your love of history or English with a new generation, Secondary Teacher Education may be the right path for you. And at Champlain, we'll have you in the classroom observing and teaching for four whole years. 

Why Major in Education with a focus in Secondary Teacher Education At Champlain College? 

Champlain's teacher education programs start you in relevant fieldwork in your first semester; you'll spend upwards of 30 hours in real, local classrooms in just your first year. Our Upside-Down Curriculum ensures that you build four years of experience in teaching, not just one or two.

Specialize your Degree 

At Champlain, there are many ways to tailor your education to your specific interests and career goals. When you study Secondary Teacher Education, you'll concentrate on either Social Studies or English Language Arts. You can get even more specific by also specializing in Educational Technology or Literature, and even minoring in topics like Social Justice, Global Studies, or Mathematics.

Beyond learning what you want to learn, you will be building specific, marketable skill sets that make you stand out to future employers. 

Get Recommended for Licensure

Champlain will fully prepare you to apply for licensure to teach grades 7-12 in the state of Vermont. 

  • For licensure in English Language Arts, you'll focus on literature, writing, and drama courses
  • For licensure Social Studies, you'll focus on history, geography, economics, and government 

You also have the option to apply for a middle-level endorsement for grades 5-9, with some additional coursework. 

Additionally, educators with a VT license are eligible to apply for certifications out of state under the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).  

Champlain's program has been structured to equip teachers to rise to the educational challenges of tomorrow. If you're passionate about imparting the lessons we can learn from history or encouraging healthy communication and expression, Champlain's Education major with a focus in Secondary Teacher Education is your ideal path to high school teaching.

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