Montreal Filmmaking Summer Program

Champlain College Montreal Filmmaking Summer Program

FLM 389: Urban Indie Filmmaking (six credits)

May 23 - June 29, 2019

As the vibrant cultural capital of Québec, Montréal serves as the urban backdrop for this highly creative and immersive 6 credit Urban Indie Filmmaking course. From writing screenplays, documentary treatments, to mastering the tools of cinematography, sound recording, and video editing, students will engage with the film production workflow, including how to promote and distribute your films.

Enhanced by Montréal’s dynamic art scene, numerous festivals, and diverse cultural events, Urban Indie Filmmaking course aims to foster innovative and creative projects, and to nurture passionate aspiring filmmakers. Working in small collaborative groups, students will write, produce, shoot, and edit films using professional level equipment and facilities at our Montréal campus. Whether working in narrative fiction, documentary, or music video, you will acquire the necessary skills in the cinematic arts to begin your career as an indie filmmaker.

The Montréal Filmmaking Summer Program stresses the importance of maintaining a proactive and professional environment. This filmmaking study abroad experience includes weekly screenings, master classes, a speaker series with industry professionals, and visits to local production companies and studios such as Eyesteelfilm, Parafilms, 4U2C, Cineground, Framestore and Mel’s “La cité du cinéma.” Final projects will be screened at a major independent downtown theatre.

Total Cost: $5,495.00
Includes tuition, housing, activities fee and insurance. Personal production costs not included (location fees, on-site equipment transport, catering, etc). Students are expected to arrive on campus, Thursday, May 23, 2019. 

Who should consider applying?

  • Current Champlain College Filmmaking students who would like to enhance their programmatic experience.
  • Current Champlain College students in other programs, such as Creative Media and Broadcast Media Production who would like an integrated filmmaking experience.
  • Students in relevant disciplines at other institutions of higher education who are interested in spending a summer in Montréal honing in their filmmaking skills.


Champlain College students: Minimum of 50 college credits and FLM 225 or equivalent by the start of the Summer Program.

Students from other institutions: Minimum of 60 college credits and at least one year of production courses by the start of the Summer Program. With your application, please submit a transcript from your home institution, as well as a short essay (250 words) describing your personal goals for engaging in the Montréal Filmmaking Summer Program.

Payment Deadlines

  • Applications are due by March 1 
  • Deposit of $500 due by March 15 
  • First payment of $2000 due by April 17 
  • Balance of $2995 due by May 15

Equipment Information

  • Production and editing equipment will be provided
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own computer capable of editing video


Contact Noah Goldblatt at about the application process.

Contact professor Van Dora Williams at about the program.

Contact Ryan Hipgrave at about the Montréal campus.