Sonic Arts Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Filmmaking

From recording live in a sound studio to designing a soundtrack, having knowledge of the sonic arts will enhance your marketability post-graduation.

The Sonic Arts specialization takes you through the basics of music creation and sound design, and teaches you the specifics of film scoring so you can create original music. This highly specialized skill set will distinguish you from other candidates as you break into the film industry.

  • Learn the fundamentals of music and digital composition. Hands-on courses will introduce you to audio techniques and the basics of writing and producing.

  • Develop your skills in digital audio recording and editing techniques.

  • Learn signal flows, mixing, mastering, compression, asset management, and online delivery.

  • Engage in the exciting process of creating music for film, including writing cues, spotting, syncing to picture, and understanding visual sequences and dramatic intent.

Courses in this Specialization Currently Include:

Choose 3 of the following courses: