Stowe Story Labs Fellowship

2017 Stowe Fellowship Winners
David Roccio, Founder of Stowe Story Labs presents 2017 fellowship awards to film majors, Cassandra Crowley and Brian Holder, with Dean Willoquet-Maricondi. 

Helen Day Arts Center in Stowe, VT

CCM offers two competitive Champlain Filmmaking Fellowships to the annual fall Stowe Story Labs workshops.

The Junior Fellowship will be granted to a junior who has completed a feature length screenplay and demonstrates the maturity and commitment necessary to take full advantage of the mentorships and opportunities offered by the Stowe Story Labs.

The Senior Fellowship will be awarded to a graduating senior whose feature length screenplay, in addition to the criteria outlined above, also exhibits an advanced level of craft and a strong personal voice. Both students will gain invaluable knowledge of the form, insight into in the industry and professional connections.

Stowe Story Labs bring emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers to Stowe, Vermont, for four days to work with seasoned industry professionals to help get films made and seen. The labs focus on story structure and development, pitching and packaging, creative production and film sales and distribution.

In addition to workshops, "in-conversation" interviews with industry pros, lectures and time to work and reflect, there are evening film screenings, panel discussions, and informal receptions. Lab participants come from around the world and are chosen for the program through a competitive application process. 

These Fellowships will significantly enhance opportunities for Champlain students and further reinforce Champlain College's commitment to excellence, artistic innovation and a radically pragmatic education,

"Stowe Story Labs will help CCM students make the leap from students to practitioners."
—Paula Willoquet-Maricondi, Dean of the CCM Division.

"With Stowe Story Labs, we hope to help talented Champlain student writers and filmmakers develop the critical skills needed to get wonderful scripts turned into beautiful films."
—David Rocchio, Managing Director and Founder of the Labs."

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