Career Success

Why Finance?

As the link that connects all businesses, finance is in high demand in a huge range of fields.  A graduate with a degree in Finance can look forward to an excellent starting salary and careers as financial analysts, financial advisors, wealth managers, investment bankers, research analysts and managers and administrators in organizations of all types.

Why Finance at Champlain?

Financial careers can be among the most lucrative business careers. Financially literate, data driven, quantitative experts are in high demand and Champlain's Finance major will position students well for careers in this industry.

Our Robert P. Stiller School of Business offers a multifaceted finance education with which you will learn the skills necessary for accounting, portfolio management, financial analysis and quantitative methods. You will also have six credits of finance electives that will further address your own interests, current trends and specific employer needs. Equally as important, you will develop the communication, problem-solving, critical-thinking and decision-making skills essential to success in the field.

Our faculty have invaluable business experience, and our small class sizes allow our Finance faculty to take a personal interest in your goals and work with you to create the learning opportunities and internships you will need to pursue the many career opportunities available in finance. You will also be well-positioned to attend a top-tier graduate school.

Our hands-on approach also gives you a unique educational opportunity. In class, you and your peers will work with real clients, actual cases and data used by financial professionals. You will gain great finance experience and immersion starting in your first-year classes through our Upside-Down Curriculum. Champlain also incorporates employer input into the design of the entire business curriculum. The result of our employer-informed curriculum process is an education that not only prepares you exceptionally well in your major field of study, but also gives you a four-year, cross-business experience that will provide you more knowledge, experience and marketability than a traditional undergraduate business education.

Our Stiller School of Business students are also prized interns, with many securing paid internships at renowned firms and established regional firms. As a Finance major, there will be opportunities for you to pursue internships with investment banks, insurance companies, security firms, venture capitalists, wealth managers and corporate finance departments. Our Stiller School of Business student also have the ability to apply for summer internships in Shanghai, China through the Freeman Foundation's grant.

Outside of the classroom, you can get involved with Champlain's Center for Financial Literacy, and there are also paid peer tutor positions available in the Accounting & Math Lab on campus. 

Champlain Finance Graduates Are Ready.

In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, each of Champlain's career-focused majors features learning opportunities and programs that help our students create highly marketable résumés. And, job placements for Finance graduates are astounding; in fact, 100% of  graduates from the Class of 2017 are employed within six months of graduating, and of those employed, 75% are in positions relevant to their career goals.

Highlights include:

  • All members of the Finance faculty are professionals in their field, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education in the field possible.
  • Many opportunities to gain hands-on experience through in-class projects, Champlain's Center for Financial Literacy, and LEAD's Financial Sophistication track.  
  • Gain great finance experience and immersion starting in your first-semester classes through our Upside-Down Curriculum
  • Our students and graduates also do extraordinarily well on the CPA  exams. Students interested in taking the CPA exam have a variety of options for accumulating extra credits in working toward or meeting the 150-credit-hour prerequisite, such as the Finance & Accounting double major, and/or  participating in one of Champlain's articulation agreements with master's programs at Clarkson, SNHU, NYU and other schools.
  • Learn the unwritten rules of business through our Professional Training Program. Modeled on the corporate management training programs of Fortune 500 companies, the year-long Professional Training Program will give you experience and confidence in areas including social and professional business skills and etiquette as well as team-building, time management, and learning to read corporate culture and respond appropriately.