Game Studio Senior Show 2018 Videos

Champlain's annual Game Studio Senior Show & Reception featured games developed and produced by Champlain students. A detailed look at each game and the dedicated teams behind them can be found here. Watch the videos below to see the projects that were on display. 

Breakout Brew

Breakout Brew is a multiplayer, arena-based 3-D platformer where you play as a tiny mythical creature trying to escape from the clutches of Cortilda the Witch. Run, jump, dash, and collect magical ingredients in order to reverse the effects of her shrinking elixir, allowing you grow big enough to escape. But beware, because the more you steal from Cortilda, the angrier she will become, casting spells and placing traps in her very own home!

Join your friends in adventurous multiplayer platforming to steal her ingredients and be the first to escape, or work together to outsmart Cortilda and escape her clutches before she returns home.

Dawn of the Celestialpod

Become a space squid in Dawn of the Celestialpod, a 2-D action RPG! At the core of Celestialpod is a unique physics-based tentacle system that allows you to swing, pull, and grab your way through rigorous challenges. Every ship poses new tests where you'll need to master the use of your tentacles in order to stand a chance. Robots will do anything they can—constantly inventing new enemies for you—to prevent you from rescuing the starfish they want to keep harvesting. Overcome the hostile environments inside the ships of the robotic fleet and destroy them from the inside out!

Forsaken Fish Fighters

Forsaken Fish Fighters is an absurd PvP arena fighter where players take control of fish in an aquarium in order to defeat the other fish. Battle your friends by knocking them out of the fish tank or by growing large enough to eat them whole. Using a three-button control scheme and straightforward combat loop, Forsaken Fish Fighters is a lighthearted, competitive experience that is accessible to players of all backgrounds, including fighting game veterans and people new to the genre.


Keeper is an educational 3-D platformer that scales the global crisis of bee population decline down to a manageable level and teaches real-life tactics that help struggling bee populations. Through tend-and-befriend storytelling, exploration, and gardening, Keeper introduces its players to endearing critters and pollinator-friendly plants native to New England.

Lucha Megadrive

Lucha Megadrive is a fighting game where players battle each other in a world where wrestling is law. Players can jump off of ropes to do aerial attacks and build up hype to power up the crowd and the fighters. There are traditional fighting game mechanics, like special moves and health bars, but the match can end at any time if one player pins the other and is declared the winner. Take control of Johnny Fuego or Nuclear Winter and battle each other one-on-one in versus mode. Learn how to play in the tutorial mode or test and hone your skills in the trials and training modes. Lucha Megadrive is playable now at Champlain College's Arcade.

Nautical Nonsense

Nautical Nonsense is a couch competitive-cooperative party game where players step into the shoes of crew members aboard rival pirate ships. They can fire wacky weapons, steer their whale-towed ship, repair damage to defeat the other team, and gather keys that unlock an Ultimate Treasure. Between battles, teams go head-to-head to quickly gather supplies from a nearby island. Only one team will find enough keys to get the treasure and emerge victorious!

Protocol Aurora

Protocol Aurora takes place in a frozen future where a lone repair robot named Io, powered by the cosmic aurora, wakens in the abandoned arctic. Its programming requires you to reactivate the mysterious—and long dormant—Northern Aurora Station.

Harness the power of the cosmos with your versatile capacitor, absorbing energy from semi-sentient constructs and sending the device across large gaps to traverse otherwise impassable terrain. Utilize the gathered energy to reactivate auxiliary substations, as well as the Aurora Tower itself. Uncover the secrets of this multinational project site while exploring deserted mountainous sections, and discover the history behind Io's protocol throughout your journey to repower the Aurora Station.


re[Mod] is an all-new first-person arena shooter, centered around a dynamic weapon-building system. Players collect a diverse set of weapon parts strategically placed around the arena to modify their weapon on the fly and destroy their opponents. By working with their team, players can capture stage areas to be awarded a devastating legendary weapon part. With over 1,000 possible combinations, players can explore and create numerous unique weapons and dominate the battlefield. May the best robot win!


Sojourn is a first-person puzzle game where memories become gateways to a life well lived. Travel into, out of, and between paintings of your life, defining memories to traverse the Victorian corridors of your mind. Each room is an Escher-esque puzzle that begins in the paintings. As you solve puzzles, memories resurface, allowing you to move on.


Toybox is a couch co-op twin stick shooter in which players engage in color-coded combat, using bouncing bullets and upgradeable special abilities to complete levels. Utilizing a variety of functional environment pieces, players defeat enemies and solve puzzles across multiple game modes. Players earn upgrades to enhance either mobility or combat effectiveness, and equip different skins to add flair to their character. Toybox evokes a familiar, nostalgic atmosphere that brings out the child in every player. The friendly art, divergent play styles, and enticing replayability combine to make Toybox a unique experience for local cooperative gamers.

Frog Snatchers

Frog Snatchers is a 2-D metroidvania platformer where you play as a frog fanatic whose frogs have been snatched! By traveling through quirky and diverse environments, talking to odd characters, finishing silly quests, and fighting cool bosses, your goal is to find your froggy friends and uncover the culprit who stole your frogs!