Game Studio Senior Show 2019 Videos


Arachnotron is a third-person action shooter where the player can traverse every surface of the environment to their advantage. As a mechanical spider-tank hell-bent on revenge, use the different weapons at your disposal to take down the criminal organization S.W.A.R.M.

Explore the Nectrolium Refinery, the Millipede Monorail, and the Antsmith Mines as you battle through a variety of enemies, each with their own method of attack. Be sure to use all of the weapons at your disposal, from the hard-hitting F.A.N.G cannon to the shockingly effective Tesla Emitter. In the heart of each level lies a Baron of the S.W.A.R.M, a final challenge that will test your skills and sharpen your senses. Beware, for your next challenge might be closer than you think ...

Blood to Ink

It's 1956 and Hollywood is reeling after the death of its biggest heartthrob, Alfred Glenn. He tragically fell down the stairs and that was that ... or so they say. You take charge as the sharpest writer in the biz to uncover the truth behind Glenn's murderous end and decide how the story unfolds in the public eye.

Explore the rich 3-D rooms of the Glenn mansion to solve puzzles, find clues, and follow the trail of havoc and heartbreak. Question—or accuse—each of the suspects as you piece together what really happened that fateful night. Reveal the truth to your adoring public-or craft a coverstory. The choice is yours as you turn Blood ... to Ink.

Short Giraffe

Short Giraffe is a playfully absurd 2.5D platformer with a unique movement mechanic. Playing as Agent G, players can extend and retract their neck to traverse the environment.With seven uses for the neck, this mechanized mammal is well equipped for any objective. One such objective is taking down the dastardly Meerkats who are out to ruin the world. As Agent G, players will investigate the meerkat plot by capturing the critters everywhere from the savannah, to snow-covered plains. Short Giraffe offers players a light-hearted atmosphere that delivers a series of complex puzzles.

Tales from the Blasterverse

Robots, aliens, an insatiable desire for power, and a whole lot of guns. Let's get this bread!

Tales from the Blasterverse is a top-down shooter set in anatompunk galaxy where might-makes-right, and whoever holds the biggest and baddest guns call the shots. Blast, burn, and irradiate your way through hordes of enemies as you collect hundreds of procedurally generated guns with various ,uniquely tailored parts that increase your chances of survival. As you mow your way through missions, mold your notoriety by accepting contracts and rewards with distinct weapons for the taking. Use, store, or salvage your collection towards the creation of your own, beautifully bizarre, custom Mega Gun: the most impressive weapon in space and a symbol of your own, indomitable potential.

Will you be a beacon of hope to the galaxy or ruthlessly betray them for more power?

Stray: The Wayward Path

In the devastating aftermath, your people scattered and you were abandoned. But the Shaman, Kunara, took you in and raised you as her own. Together, you have learned to survive. However, one day, you awake to find Kunara missing. Why?

Follow the tracks left behind by Kunara. Scale perilous cliffs, swing through the skies, fight through hordes of corrupted enemies, and uncover new power-ups. Discover the history of your lost people, and uncover your role in an unfolding prophecy.


Visualizer is a rhythm-based, first-person, horde survival game.

Play as a futuristic exterminator tasked with destroying digital ghosts that are corrupting our realm.

Fight through levels to find the source of this spreading plague of corruption. Unlock an arsenal of specially designed weapons and download extra perks that grow more powerful as you time your shots to the beat. Select your upgrades wisely to prepare yourself for the threats ahead. Your enemies can use the beat just as well as you do, and they don't take kindly to disturbances around their nests.

If you are confident with your skills, load up endless mode to test your skills against the horde. They will never stop coming, but you can stem the flow if you keep your head bobbing and foot tapping.

Whatever your challenge, choose your weapons, prepare yourself, and get with the rhythm!