Game Design Career Success

Why Game Design?

Since 1996, game sales have tripled. Game designers are now in high demand, and Champlain College teaches its students how to create the spaces, tell the stories, build the levels and design the playing experiences that define today's digital gaming environments.

Champlain Game Design Graduates Are Ready.

Through the career-focus of the Game Design major, you will be thoroughly prepared to secure your spot in the highly competitive game industry.

  • Develop your game design talents and your knowledge of successful game design theories and best practices.
  • Master the art of collaboration and the "soft skills" of communication and personal professional management that will make you studio ready.
  • Build portfolio designed to attract employers in targeted segment of industry, including websites and design reels.
  • Develop successful résumés and cover letters to make a strong impression.
  • Leverage Champlain's industry network to find and successfully attain a game-industry internship.
  • Develop deep technical knowledge and learning strategies that will allow you to adapt to the tools of any studio setting.
  • All members of the Game Design faculty are professionals in their field, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education possible.
  • Participate in the Senior Show in Game Development as well as other national events, competitions and conferences.