Career-focused Education

An Outstanding Career in Game Programming Begins with an Extraordinary Education

The Emergent Media Center:

The Emergent Media Center (EMC) is an academic Center of Excellence at Champlain College. Operating in partnership with industry, public institutions and nonprofits, the EMC has established a laboratory/studio environment in which students collaborate with peers, faculty and clients to develop new concepts, processes, uses and applications for games and other emergent media.

Through a paid position, work-study or internship in the EMC, you can be part of a team that uses game technologies and emergent media to integrate art and code with cultural awareness, creativity and communication.

The Game Development Senior Show and Recruitment

At the end of the school year, Champlain hosts the Game Development Senior Show. This two-day event features a presentation night where all graduating seniors and their senior projects are presented to the community, invited family, friends, and special guests. The presentations are followed by an exhibition and reception. Company recruiters are invited to attend, followed by recruitment interviews on the second day of the event.

Champlain College Game Developers Association

The CCGDA is an official chapter of the International Game Developers Association, the largest professional organization of game developers and educators. The CCGDA sponsors speakers and other professional events, runs the Global Game Jam, and organizes field trips to conferences. You can find the CCDGA on LinkedIn and on Facebook at Champlain College Game Developers Association.


Each year Champlain College faculty and students attend a variety of conferences. The Montreal International Game Summit is our main outing. We also attend PAX East, SIGGRAPH, The Educational Game Summit, the Games for Change Conference, and the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. Champlain and the CCGDA provide organization and some scholarships to these events.

A Career-focused Campus

Champlain College has been delivering a distinctly career-focused education since 1878. The College's renowned career-focused education has a number of distinguishing programs and features that contribute to our graduates' extraordinary success in entering the marketplace in their field of interest.

  • Every major is market-focused, reflecting the professional fields with the greatest career potential. Our minors give our graduates highly differentiated resumes.

  • Through the Upside-Down Curriculum students get prepared to get out into the field and do the job starting in their first semester.

  • Our award-winning Career Collaborative has advisors dedicated to each major to assist with landing internships, job search preparation and skills, networking opportunities as well as extensive resources for advancing career options throughout life.

  • Our Career Flagship Program (formerly Life Experience & Action Dimension (LEAD) program) equips students the career readiness and personal finance skills  they need to transition successfully from college to career.

  • Extensive on- and off-campus career programming, including job fairs and professional recruiting and networking events gives Champlain students a leading advantage over their peers.

  • Senior Capstone classes give Champlain students a semester-long career-launching experience.

  • Through Champlain's Centers of Excellence, many students have the opportunity to work in on-campus professional environments that enable them to gain real-world skills in their field, build their resumes and get experience working in productive teams.

  • Often, students find on campus jobs that relate specifically to their professional area of interest; for example, Professional Writing and Graphic Design & Digital Media majors found jobs in Champlain's Marketing department, Computer & Digital Forensics and Computer Networking & Cybersecurity majors find jobs in the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation. In fact, in 2015–2016, there were 1,123 on-campus student employment positions.

  • Burlington, Vermont is a thriving city with Career Collaborative excellent opportunities for internships and jobs. It has been identified by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine as one of the "Top Ten Best Cities for the new Decade."