Career Success

Why International Business?

Doing business in a global economy requires more than traveling around the world. It means learning about the cultural, political and technological forces that shape the business world. With a degree in International Business, you'll be poised to attain key international positions with organizations like the United States State Department, multinational firms and humanitarian organizations.

Why International Business at Champlain?

Champlain's tradition of providing an excellent business education dates to 1878, and from the beginning, we've created a legacy of extremely successful job placements because we produce such highly qualified graduates.

Before graduation, our students are prized interns, many securing paid internships at renowned firms, businesses and organizations. Based on our Career Outcomes Report, 100% of International Business graduates from the Class of 2017 achieved career success within six months of graduation, and 88% of those employed are already in positions relevant to their career goals.

Our Grads Are Primed for Success In Global Business

  • All members of the International Business faculty are professionals in their field, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education in the field possible.
  • International Business students get to work with real-life clients: businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Students complete projects for people in their field who then use their work on a professional level. It's real experience that students include on their résumés.
  • International Business students get opportunities to obtain many internships with local companies over the course of their program, which gives them stellar résumé listings and recommendations.
  • In the International Business Capstone class, seniors complete five sets of revisions of their résumé and cover letters, join professional organizations (LinkedIn), look up jobs in the industry and put an interview portfolio together to send to future employers. Also during class time, students practice interviews with professionals from the Burlington area to ensure they are well prepared for the interviews they will do upon graduation (or even before graduation).