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Put your values and strengths to work to make a difference in the world. The best organizations of all types need purposeful and capable people to craft innovative business solutions that have positive economic, social and environmental benefits.

Successful innovators thrive by their ability to drive change and influence others. CEOs and managers from all types of enterprises, including business startups, established corporations, nonprofits and governments, are looking for employees who can lead with fresh ideas and insights. As a Management & Innovation major, you will become an inventive, flexible, resourceful problem-solver and design thinker who will be able to create positive change in a variety of workplace roles: employee, team member, manager or entrepreneur.

Multi-Faceted Education

The Management & Innovation Bachelor of Science program offers an unmatched educational experience that merges classic management skills with an innovator's perspective. Through the course content, the project-based learning and internships, you will acquire the strategic thinking and collaboration skills needed to build effective partnerships where innovation can flourish.

You'll get a strong, broad-based business education and in-depth study in the best practices of organizational management. At the same time, you'll learn the latest techniques for developing your creative talents to analyze problems, create solutions and seize opportunities in any organizational context. You will also have access to the Sarah Ramsey Innovation Lab where you can collaborate with faculty and peers on special projects. Non-profit organizations and NGOs will especially benefit from the skills that this degree provides. 

Integrated Business Experience

Management and Innovation ClassIn addition to developing your expertise in management, the Robert P. Stiller School of Business offers you an integrated, four-year, cross-business education. It answers the marketplace demand for business school graduates with demonstrable knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in all the disciplines that make up the field of business. Learn more about our Integrated Business Experience.

Small Class Sizes

Your classes in the Stiller School will never be in a giant lecture hall. You'll have the opportunity for one-on-one interactions and mentorship from your professors, who bring their real-world knowledge into the classroom.

Freeman Foundation Grant

Over the past six years, The Robert P. Stiller School of Business has received a prestigious grant from the Freeman Foundation, allowing more than 100 students to travel to Shanghai, China, and other countries in Asia to complete a summer internship. This opportunity provided our students with the chance to gain both international and professional work experience, as well as valuable cultural and language skills—with little out of pocket expense. Learn more about the Freeman Foundation Grant.

Internships & Hands-On Learning

Burlington has been recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the "Top Small Cities for Doing Business in America" for its entrepreneurship and job growth. As a student in the Stiller School, you will have the opportunity to work in internships at local business enterprises like Ben & Jerry's, Fresh Tracks Capital, Green Mountain Harley Davidson, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Renoun Skis and a host of other wildly successful organizations across Vermont. See where our students have interned.

Career Outlook

Employers seek workers who demonstrate strong technical skills and three essential drivers of our complex 21st-century economy: insight, imagination and ingenuity. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the management are expected to grow 8%, and employment across business and financial fields is expected to grow 10% by 2026. With Champlain's Management & Innovation degree, you'll stand apart from other business-degree graduates for jobs across all of these sectors. Imagine your Career Success.

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