Career Success

Why Management & Innovation?

Leaders at every level, from all types of enterprises—including business startups, established corporations, nonprofits and government—are looking for managers who come with fresh ideas and insights.

As a Management & Innovation major, you taking more than just management classes; you're learning how to incorporate innovation and creativity into your management skills. You'll become an inventive, flexible, resourceful problem-solver and design thinker who will be able to create positive change in a variety of workplace roles: employee, team member, manager or entrepreneur.

Why Management & Innovation at Champlain?

Champlain College's location in Burlington, VT, provides the ideal environment for this progressive business degree. Burlington, widely recognized as one of the nation's most innovative business communities, is the home to many innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, product developers, venture capitalists and artists.

As a student in the Stiller School of Business, you will have the opportunity to work and intern at local business enterprises like Ben & Jerry's, Fresh Tracks Capital, Green Mountain Harley Davidson, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Renoun Skis and a host of other wildly successful organizations across Vermont. From those experiences, you'll gain valuable insights on how to build innovative organizations.

Through the course content, the project-based learning and internships in the Management & Innovation program, you will also acquire the strategic thinking and collaboration skills needed to build effective partnerships where innovation can flourish.

Our Students Are Primed for Success

  • All members of the Management & Innovation Faculty are seasoned management professionals, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education in the field possible.
  • Students get to work with real-life clients: businesses, non-profits and individuals.
  • Students complete projects for people in their field who then use their work on a professional level. It's real experience that students can include on their résumés.
  • Management & Innovation students get opportunities to obtain many internships with local companies over the course of their program, which gives them stellar résumé listings and recommendations.
  • Job placements for this major are impressive, 100% of Management of Innovation graduates in the Class of 2017 are already employed within six months of graduating, and of them, 100% are in positions relevant to their career goals.