Management of Creative Media

Gain confidence to influence the next big game idea by overseeing the team that produces it. Cast yourself as editor-in-chief of a 21st century publishing project in all its formats. Or learn what it takes to manage a creative team as you build fundamental graphic design skills. The need for a new breed of managers to fill these exciting roles continues to grow on the business side of the creative arts.

The Management of Creative Media Bachelor of Science program is for business-minded students whose passion leads them to the creative fields. Our innovative program couples our highly regarded business core with programs from our Division of Communication & Creative Media, turning out smart strategists who grasp the underlying technology and creative process required in the field. You'll be prepared to plan projects, manage talent and analyze financials—in short, to run the business side of things in creative industries.

To better understand how creative people develop their ideas, and to develop your own creativity, you'll take 18 credits or more in one of the following specialization areas within the Division of Communication & Creative Media:

The Robert P. Stiller School of Business not only prepares you exceptionally well in your Management of Creative Media major, but also gives you a four-year, cross-business education that answers the marketplace demand for business school graduates with demonstrable knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in all the disciplines that make up the field of business including:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resource Management
  • Management
  • Management of information systems/ Technology
  • Marketing

Mix Classroom Theory with Actual Hands-on Experience

  • Gain practical, relevant business education prized by managers and employers, thanks to the educational approach and Curriculum in the Robert P. Stiller School of Business.
  • Learn ways to emphasize the conscious application of creativity, design thinking, innovation and change management from our experienced faculty .
  • Build a highly marketable resume and portfolio through our extensive internship opportunities.
  • Tailor your degree program with either a specialization in Game Production, Publishing or Streaming Media which will allow you to various design aspects into your program.
  • Design and implement hands-on, field based streaming media projects. Learn the other skills you will master in the Management of Creative Media major.
  • Become part in determining the future of how we view media; envision your Career Success.
  • Find out what you need to know to Apply to this popular major.