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Want to change the world? There's no better place to start than in the classroom. If you're passionate about teaching the lessons we can learn from history or communicating the power of language, the Secondary Teacher Education program allows you to interact with teenagers starting in your first semester. The face of education is changing, and the world needs a new generation of educational leaders for the 21st century. This program has been structured to equip teachers to rise to the educational challenges of tomorrow.

Engage From Both Sides of the Classroom

Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll take classes in Adolescent Psychology, Learning Theory and other education topics during your first semester. You'll dive deeply into curriculum design and learn strategies for integrating the latest digital technologies into the classroom, progressing from one day a week to full-time involvement in local schools throughout your four years. By the time you graduate, you will have the full classroom experience, from observing to developing and teaching lesson plans that you designed. Explore the classes you'll take at Champlain. 


As part of your Secondary Teacher Education, you have the option to specialize in Educational Technology or Literature. You may also choose to complete a minor in one of our many relevant areas of study, such as Social Justice, Global Studies or Mathematics.

Explore Various Teaching Environments

Vermont offers diverse educational settings, including rural, small-town and urban, so you will experience a broad range of learning environments. And you'll spend upward of 30 hours in the field in your first year of the program. Working closely with community partners, you'll have the opportunity to identify local issues that can be addressed through service learning projects. You'll be challenged to think critically, develop global awareness and learn how to be responsive to different ways of thinking and learning.

Build a Community

Learn in small class-sizes from our education faculty, including classroom teachers, special educators, curriculum area specialists and school leaders. You'll create strong personal relationships with your professors and other education majors—creating the ideal environment to learn how to be a teacher. Meet your professors. 

Discover Diverse Cultures and Change the World 

Working with community partners, you'll develop, implement and evaluate a project to make a difference in a local educational or youth-serving organization. You'll also have the option to work with English Language Learners (ELLs) to gain valuable new perspectives that will strengthen your abilities as a teacher.

Study Abroad

You can choose to take your international study at our campus in Montreal, Canada, where you can complete a field-based internship or in Dublin, Ireland, where you will have the opportunity to intern in Irish classrooms. Or study virtually anywhere in the world through one of our third-party programs, such as Auckland, New Zealand, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Learn more about our study abroad options.

Get Recommended for Licensure

Your subject-area course of study will depend on your content concentration. For licensure in English Language Arts, you'll focus on literature, writing and drama courses. For Social Studies, you'll focus on history, geography, economics and government. You'll graduate eligible for Vermont state licensure for grades 7-12 in either English Language Arts or Social Studies. You also have the option to apply for a middle-level endorsement for grades 5-9, with some additional coursework.

Additionally, educators with a VT license are eligible to apply for certifications out of state under the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).

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