Business Administration Minor


No matter what your major is, the knowledge and skills you will acquire through the Business Administration minor will serve you well upon graduation, helping you both in your job search and your ability to be successful in your career field.

Champlain's 18-credit Business Administration minor is open to students from any program except for those enrolled into the Robert P. Stiller School of Business*. Over the course of your minor, you'll gain a foundational knowledge and skills in microeconomics, financial accounting, financial management and marketing, as well as management and organizational behavior.

You will:

  • Learn the foundations of the various business disciplines and how they function together to create a sustainable business operation.
  • Discover the principles and theories of marketing and apply them to marketing program design, diving into social media and other marketing tools.
  • Learn theories of economic behavior and be able to explain economic decisions of consumers and firms within the markets and economies in which they participate.
  • Create value for your future employer by learning how to read and create financial statements and exploring the impact of transactions on the financial position and profitability of a business by analyzing financial reports of real-world corporations.
  • Learn key planning and models of organizational change and their impact on management practice.

If you graduate with a minor in Business Administration, regardless of your major, you'll also have completed most of the undergraduate prerequisite courses you'd need to begin pursuing an MBA—a wise move if you want to fast-track yourself for upper-level management and executive positions in your chosen field.

*Champlain's core business curriculum includes all the topic areas covered in the Business Administration minor.